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Why do we even need a database?

When you want your data to be persistent or permanent and not temporarily then the use of databases come in the picture.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a NoSQL database i.e it doesn't store data in typical rows and columns. It is an documented oriented database which simply means that it stores data in JSON format which is easily readable and simple to understand.

Advantages of using MongoDB

  • Schemaless: schema means the metadata of the table or in mongodb it’s called collections eg name,mobile number,id etc and schemaless means it stores data in key value pair.
  • Horizontally scalable: MongoDB provides a cluster which helps in launching more…

Tinder, One of the most popular dating application is using AWS Machine Learning Image recognition technology to power its matching for premium users.

Tinder is using AWS Deep Learning — Image Rekognition service to identify user’s key characteristics by mining 10 billion+ photos they upload daily. Tinder stores 40Tbs of data a day into its analytics and ML system to power matches, which are supported by AWS. Tinder knows that images are the primary driver for who you match. By analysis, the more picture you have the better the chances of getting matched. …

An aggregation pipeline in mongoDB provides better performance and usability than a Map-Reduce operation.

  1. Create a collection named orders and inserted the rows or documents.
{ _id: 1, cust_id: “Ant O. Knee”, ord_date: new Date(“2020–03–01”), price: 25, items: [ { sku: “oranges”, qty: 5, price: 2.5 }, { sku: “apples”, qty: 5, price: 2.5 } ], status: “A” },
{ _id: 2, cust_id: “Ant O. Knee”, ord_date: new Date(“2020–03–08”), price: 70, items: [ { sku: “oranges”, qty: 8, price: 2.5 }, { sku: “chocolates”, qty: 5, price: 10 } ], status: “A” },
{ _id: 3, cust_id: “Busby Bee”…

The Neural network is a set of algorithms that comes under the subpart of Artificial Intelligence i.e Deep Learning that mimics the human brain. Providing brain to a computer is known as artificial intelligence, making a computer think like a human is known as artificial intelligence.

Use Cases:

  • The very basic example is Face recognition or detection. You might have seen this feature in your mobile phones that recognizes the owners face and then unlocks the phone.
  • The camera government uses at traffic lights to capture images of people who are driving above speed limit.
  • Reducing Email Fatigue and Improving Conversion Rates…

Make sure docker is installed on your baseOS in my case I’am using RHEL8.

Step:1 We run the below mentioned docker command to launch the container and I’m using centos to get an image from because it had yum already configured.

Jenkins is one of the important tool in DevOps. It is a CI/CD and automation tool that makes the deployment flow fluid. We can use jenkins to run our tests and for invoking scripts, it’s an very easy to use and an intuitive tool.

It has a functionality of triggers by which it can automate build the code as soon as the developer pushes the code to some SCM tools like GitHub or BitBucket. Jenkins also has hundreds of plugins by which you can integrate jenkins with many other tool and technologies like Cloud, Terraform, Docker,Kubernetes, and more.

Jenkins is been use as main CI/CD software, A micro-service architecture that is been build, tested, deployed through all our environments qa, staging, production and all of them at scale.

Amazon SQS is a message queuing service provided by amazon and it is the one of the oldest services. It helps decoupling microservices, applications etc by acting as a middleware and breaking the tightly coupled environment.

I mean why not kubernetes? Imagine a situation where you have been using Docker for a little while, and have deployed on a few different servers. Your application starts getting massive traffic, and you need to scale up fast, how will you go from 3 servers to 40 servers that you may require? And how will you decide which container should go where? How would you monitor all these containers and make sure they are restarted if they exit?

Yes, this is why we need kubernetes. Let us take a look at how some of the most successful companies of…

What is Ansible?

Ansible is an IT automation tool. It can configure systems, deploy software, and orchestrate more advanced IT tasks such as continuous deployments or zero downtime rolling updates. Ansible’s goals are foremost those of simplicity and maximum ease of use.

Automation happens when one person meets a problem they never want to solve again. Down below are some of the key features of ansible and why industries are adopting ansible in their environment:

  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Agentless
  • Powerful

There are more than 8500+ companies that are using ansible

In industries ansible is used for:

  • ProvisionAnsible can provision…

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